170206 October Scheme Plan.jpg
160823 - View from wall to Pershing Option for Edwin.jpg
160812 - View from memorial space to the wall with trees.jpg
160907 - View from SE corner to park.jpg
160929 - view from NW corner to Capitol.jpg
160907 - View from NE corner to the allee in Penn Ave with trees.jpg
Soldier at wall.jpg
October Plus Wall to Pershing statue.jpg
October Plus Walkway to Wall Placeholder.jpg
December bas relief wall.jpg
December SW corner.jpg
Plan Wall Scheme.jpg
View from Lower Terrace Center to Wall .jpg
17.04.20 Design Option 1 Plan.jpg
ALT 1 Walkway to Pershing.jpg
ALT 1 Walkway to Wall .jpg
View from Lower Terrace to Wall .jpg
View Along Pennsylvania Ave.jpg
View from South Terrace to Wall.jpg
Soldier at wall.jpg
Updated Aerial Axon.jpg
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